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K.M. Solvil Genf Millitary Pocketwatch.


The watch has been used by the Kriegsmarine in the Second World War. The K.M. from the name means 'Kriegsmarine'.


Additional evidence of use in maritime applications can be seen by the dual covers on the back, in order to insure water does not get inside the watch.


The watch has scratches on the case and the dial, as it can be seen, has some areas with damage.


The hour indicator does not appear to be original.


Movement looks stunning, almost perfect.


Works well, has a small error.


We did not service it in order to keep the historical markings intact.

K.M. Solvil Genf used by the Kriegsmarine in the Second World War.

990,00 €Price

    This item is dispatched from EU which is Tax Free for other EU members. Anyone outside this region may incur and will be responsible for taxes/import fees in their home country.

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