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Beautiful Universal Geneve

Ref. no 22265

Serial no. 970183

Cal. 283

Signed U.G on the back of the case

The watch is an early edition of the Uni-Compax line

Build somewhere around 1942-1943 by the serial no. (

The watch is in excellent shape, the watch has been cleaned and oiled.

Everything works, including the chronograph functions, the movements starts and stops when the pushers are engaged.

The dial is in good condition, we have not restored the lume as to not ruin the vintage look.

The hands are all original.

The watch has been serviced.

It's a really nice collectors piece.

Universal Geneva Uni-Compax Cal. 1942 283 Ref.22265

2.499,00 €Price

    This item is dispatched from EU which is Tax Free for other EU members. Anyone outside this region may incur and will be responsible for taxes/import fees in their home country.

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